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Our skilled team offers a wide range of translation and editing services tailored to your specific needs. With experience in academic, business, legal, literary, medical, museum, non-profit, and other sectors, we deliver unrivaled quality at excellent prices.

Enhance your precision and meet your goals with customized language services from Kol Hakatuv. We care about what you have to say and know that every detail matters.

Dr. Yeshaya Gruber
Head Translator and Academic Director 

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Our clients



“You are the best translator I have ever encountered!”

Dr. Maria Kaspina, The Museum of Jewish History in Russia


“It is so difficult to find a translator of quality for academic literature, but with Kol Hakatuv I have found an excellent solution for this purpose. Whatever the topic, the translation is precise and the editing both enriches my writing and heightens the clarity of the message.”

Dr. Lola Kantor-Kazovsky, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


“It is a pleasure and an honor working with you. One does not see such quality very often.”

Sergei Varshavsky, The Varshavsky Collection


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